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Elstow Abbey

Charity Registered no. 1044100

The Friends raise funds that help to keep the church in good condition and to nurture a community of interest in its time-honoured traditions of Christian witness.

Many people, for different reasons, would wish the Abbey building to survive for the benefit of future generations. The splendid architecture (see the “History” sections) endears it to all who live nearby and attracts many visitors both from within the UK and from all over the world. As a Parish Church it offers a continuity of religious traditions and pastoral care extending far beyond the Church Family.

Being a member of the Friends

The Friends provide considerable financial support to Elstow Abbey for the maintenance of this historic building and to improve its facilities. This has included repairs to the nave roof, the replacement of the badly rusted guards protecting the stained glass windows and the refurbishment of the vestry.

Membership of The Friends presents to all who hold the Abbey dear an opportunity to share in this dual enterprise. It also provides members with a newsletter which includes details of the annual service in June and a variety of other events throughout the year.

Membership of The Friends, be it for personal, family or historic reasons, makes it possible to create a living link with the Abbey and encourages support towards meeting the heavy cost of maintenance.

Cost of Membership

  • Individual : £14 p.a.
  • Family : £20 p.a.
  • Concessionary : £8 p.a
  • Life membership : £120
If you wish to become a member, please consider using the very advantageous Gift Aid Scheme for UK tax-payers.

For further information and for a Gift Aid form , please contact - Patrick Luffman (01234-345004)

A copy of the Charity’s Trust Deed is available from:

Elstow Abbey enquiries

It is free by electronic mail but at a cost of £5 by post.

Church Wardens

  • Tracey Hinson: 01234-406061
    e-mail: traceyhinson@hotmail.com
  • Stephen McDonald : 01525 -712134 / 01234-342156
    e-mail: stevetmcdonald@btinternet.com

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