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Elstow Village and Elstow Abbey
The village of Elstow lies to the south of Bedford and parts of it merge with the southern subrurbs of the town in the area of Mile Road / Elstow Road. In the past, the A6 used to run through the village but this road was diverted some years ago and now runs to the west of Elstow joining Bedford at Ampthill Road.

There is public transport from Bedford town centre (bus station) operated by Stagecoch to the suburbs adjacent to Elstow Bedford bus station is about 5 minutes walk from Bedford railway station. There is also a good taxi service from Bedford railway station.

For visitors travelling by car from the south, you should turn off the A6 at the roundabout just before it enters Bedford at Ampthill Road and follow the signs to Elstow village. Access to this roundabout is also signposted from the Beford Southern Bypasss. If you are driving from the north of Bedford you will need to look for signs idicating A6 South (Luton and London) and the make your way through the town to south of the river and then find Elstow via either London Road or Ampthill Road.

There is usually parking available in the village or adjacent to the Elstow Abbey / Moot Hall / Elstow Green. There is a small post office & shop in the village.


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